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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Down by the Thames

Hello all!

This outfit was what I wore on my second day in London last weekend. Unfortunately we had no cool rooftop this time but a few photos by one of the most famous rivers in the world isn't too bad now is it ? This outfit has a crazy amount going on but I kind of like that. The colours are all pretty neutral so I think you can get away with it (well, hopefully). This was also my first time taking photos in front of people & it was really nerve wracking but hopefully in time that will get a bit easier. Anyway enough blathering, I hope you like it :)

Coat - Penneys, €15
Blazer - Missguided, €35
T-shirt - New Look, €15
Trousers - Stradivarius , €15
Bag - H&M, €39.99
Shoes - Penneys, €13
Headband - Penneys, €1
Necklace - Dorothy Perkins, €8

Thank you for reading my blog,
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Tuesday, 21 January 2014

London Rooftop

Hello all!

As some of you may know I visited London at the weekend, and as always London didn't disappoint! I just love the atmosphere & energy over there, it's a big, big difference to my hometown of Ballina. Anyway as usual some outfit posts needed to be taken since I haven't had one on my blog at all in 2014! These photos were taken on the roof of my sister's new place, I think they are some of my favourites I've ever had on Crimson Threads! A big thank you to my sister Emma for taking these, not only was the location's safety questionable but it was also freezing, so thanks sis :)

Kimono - €30, Boohoo
Leather Shorts - €30, Boohoo
Polo Neck - €7, Stradivarius
Necklace - €15, Dunnes
Belt- €2, Boots - €18 - Penneys
Sunglasses - Hand me down, RayBans
Hat- Urban Outfitters, present so not sure on the price !

As always thank you for reading,
I hope you liked it  :)


Thursday, 16 January 2014

I've been shopping..

Hello all!!

Wha-what is this? Am I actually blogging ?? Thanks to a rather cruel decision on behalf of my college, 2014 has so far consisted of far too many bad hair days, cramming & lots of procrastinating for my so called Christmas exams that began AFTER baffles me why they do that to us poor, poor souls. Anyway as I was obviously tormented by these cruel exams I needed to cheer myself up in the form of shopping, here's what I got :)
Hope you like them!!

 Floral Kimono- Missguided

I flippin' love kimonos & the fact that they're everywhere now at affordable prices makes me even happier! I have a few kimono style pieces but they are all rather dark so that's why I went for this pink floral number! A perfect piece to throw over anything really!
This one is from Missguided- €16 , I got my 10% student discount using Unidays and it was already reduced too!

Click here to buy me!

Pale Pink Sparkly Dress- Boohoo

I love the shoulder cut outs in this dress. It adds something special to a rather normal skater dress! The material of this dress is also just gorgeous, throughout it there are bits of silver that sparkle when the light hits it! I actually think I have my New Years Eve 2014 outfit sorted already..too soon??

Another Floral Kimono- Boohoo

Ok so I said above, I really like kimonos. As soon as I saw this one I knew I had to have it. It's quite a dramatic kimono but the colours are quite neutral so I think it makes it all a bit more wearable! I can't wait to wear this in Summer too over a lace dress perhaps!

From Boohoo, €28ish with student discount!
Unfortunately however It's now sold out! Sad face!

Boyfriend Style Coat- Penneys

Don't you love nabbing a good bargain, even in Penneys. It's just so satisfying! I had my eye on this coat for a while so when I saw it on sale for €15 I pretty much grabbed it. I love the whole 'boyfriend' style coat as it means you can layer really easily thanks to the natural room in the shape! I also love the checkered pattern of it too, and of course it's in a black - the colour I'm favouring the most lately!

The Black Bag- H&M

Now this bag was a big treat to me, as I normally never buy bags apart from in Penneys. However I was thinking maybe I should get one 'good' black bag, slowly start my journey on becoming a young woman when low and behold I was walking down Henry Street when the bag that was on my shoulder completely flippin' broke. The strap just snapped! Therefore I took it as a sign from God and bought this number in H&M for €39.99 . Definitely one of the most expensive things I have bought but it's sooo pretty!

The Floral Pants- Stradivarius 

I always wear the same black jeans so I am trying to spice things up a bit with what I put on my legs! These were on sale for €15 in Stradivarius and I absolutely love them. The shape & cut make them so comfortable, almost like tracksuit bottoms but the gorgeous floral pattern make it look like you actually put in an effort- a win win :) 

Silver Brogues - Penneys

Ok so these are a bit strange & I totally accept that. Maybe it's the inner magpie in me that loves anything shiny but I have a lot of feels for these brogues. Not to everyones taste but if you fancy a quirky way to change up your outfit why not give these a try? Available in Penneys now for €13


I hope you enjoyed this post, these are some of my favourite types to read :) I am so happy to be finished my exams as now I have three whole weeks off! I plan to catch up on a lot of posts over the next few weeks so I hope you enjoy them !!

Thanks for reading!
Hannah Xx