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Thursday, 31 October 2013

Purple and Velvet

Hello all,

It was absolutely freezing outside when myself and my very helpful Mum shot this look. I have a week off college this week and I'm really enjoying being home and ignoring all the course work that I have to do. Yesterday though I went into town and  I got a few bits for a very last minute Halloween costume. This was what I wore in an attempt to stay warm.  I hope you like it.
Happy Halloween :)

Coat- H&M, €45

I love this coat so much. The natural room in this more oversized coat makes it really easy to layer which is always handy

Sparkly Hat- Tesco, a present from my sister.

This is so cosy and warm and the grey colour will go with almost anything!

Purple T-shirt- New Look, €8

I really like how big this t-shirt is because it means you can wear it with leggings and still have all the vital areas covered ..did I really just really vital areas?

Necklace- Awear , €5

I bought this necklace years ago in a sale and it has to be one of favourite necklaces, it's so cute!

Cut Out Boots- Penneys/Primark €22

These boots are so comfy to walk in I am so impressed. Today I wore them with dark green socks to have a small bit of colour coming through.

Bag- Penneys/Primark €11

This is such a handy bag for throwing all your bits & bobs into. The nude shade also goes with a majority of outfits- win win :)

Velvet Leggings- E-bay, €12

I am a sucker for velvet so when I saw these bad boys I had to have them.
They are so comfortable & soft and they add just a little extra to a simple outfit.

That's all for now folks
'Til next time


Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Socks, Jumpers and Jewels

Hello all,

So the long weekend for me consisted of family, fires, blankets, walks, gifts & the Lord of the Rings. Sounds like a perfect weekend to me! As I mentioned in my latest Outfit Post myself, my three sisters, my brother & his girlfriend went to see the Lord of the Rings accompanied by the RTÉ Orchestra in the O2. It was amazing, and now I feel extremely untalented. Oh well! To cheer me up however I just had a look over some of things that came into my possession that weekend and I didn't feel so bad! I was kindly given a few little presents from my family as a thank you for having them stay in my college house. These presents were very sound of them since said house was often smelly and always freezing. I hope you like some of the bits :)

Baby Blue Baby Soft Jumper 

I bought this on E-bay yonks ago and it arrived this week thank goodness. It cost just over €10 (including postage) so I was pretty happy with my E-baying skills. This jumper is so soft and cosy and I actually wore it Sunday night to the LOTR. An Outfit Post will be up during the week :)

Baby Blue Jewelled Necklace 

Kind of going with this baby blue trend I bought this necklace for €12 from Dunnes Stores. I am so impressed with Dunnes these days , even though the prices have gone up it's well worth it for what you get. I think this necklace looks so much more expensive than what it was!

Sparkly Hat 

Hat? Sparkles? Sparkly Hat? I need it! This hat was kindly bought my by sister Bernie , thank you! It's from Tesco and again I am very impressed with the range available. It ain't just for your Tayto and pizzas no more!

Baby Pink Baby Soft Jumper 

I was just a little bit too excited about this. I featured a very similar jumper in my Wishlist post a few days ago and my extremely sound sister Emma bought this for me on behalf of the family. I cannot wait to wear it! This one is from Bershka

Slipper Boots 

Another part of the present were these slipper boots. They are fleece lined need I say more? I love them and I am currently wearing them as I write this! They are from Penneys/Primark 

Dark & Vampy Nail Polish 

I successfully went to Liffey Valley Shopping Centre and back without buying anything but then I went to Tesco of all places and ended up buying this nail polish and a Sally Hansen top coat (that's lurking in my sister's bag at the moment). I love the colour of this nail polish as it's dark but not quite black. It was €4.99

My sister Sinéad also bought me a cool notebook which I am now using as place to keep all my ideas for this blog. Thanks to all the Fergusons for their presents !

That's all for now,
Thank you for reading
Hannah xx 

Sunday, 27 October 2013

Navy and Turquoise

Hello all

My oh my this weather is getting bad isn't it? I've been really busy yesterday and today thanks to a flying visit from my two sisters in England. We're all going to see The Lord of the Rings accompanied by the RTÉ orchestra in the the O2 tonight( very excited). Thankfully though my sister & I shot this outfit post but never got around to uploading it, so my blog hasn't been neglected. I hope you like it :)

Tulip Navy Dress - €40, Swamp
I love this dress , it has a lovely subtle pattern on it

Clutch- €11, Penneys/Primark

Sparky Heels - €45, Guna Nua
These shoes can be a bit hard to walk in by the end of the night but they're pretty so who cares!

Necklace- €5, Penneys/Primark

Hope you are all well,
Thanks for reading
Hannah xx

Friday, 25 October 2013

Autumn Leaves

Hello all,

Hope is everyone is doing dandy. I can't help but notice how extra ginger my hair is in these photos, oh well I'm not complaining! I'm so happy to be have the weather for wearing this coat as I bought it at the end of August and for some strange strange reason Ireland was having decent enough weather up until recently, but alas the coat is out & will most definitely be a staple this year especially since Maynooth ( where I go to college) gets absolutely Arctic. Thank God for tea and hot water bottles :)
I hope you like it!

Coat- H&M , €45 - Well worth every penny, & it's not far off the price of many coats in Penneys/Primark these days

Velvet Skater Dress- New Look, I bought this last year and I don't remember exactly how much it was but I know I definitely didn't pay over €20 for it. Love it lots
p.s can you spot my sister's reflection in the window ..we are pros !

Oh and the tights are from a multipack in Penneys/Primark . I really like 'sheer' black tights rather than darker tights when wearing black on top so that the whole out doesn't look too black. Did I say black enough ?

Heeled Chelsea Boots- H&M , €29.99

Scarf- borrowed from my sister Bernie (thanks) , I might sound like an old woman saying this but the colours in it are gorgeous, it's perfect for Autumn

Belt- Penneys/Primark, €2

That's all for now,
Thanks for reading

Hannah xx

Tuesday, 22 October 2013

Wishlist - October

Hello all,

Being a typical girl I will never ever be satisfied with my wardrobe and there is always a constant & growing list of pieces that I want to add to my stash. Whenever I see something I like on another person (this tends to happen in college..a lot) I take notes in my phone of what they were wearing & how they styled it. That probably sounds really creepy...oh well :) Here's what I've been lusting after this month.

  • A Mohair/ Angora a.k.a a fluffy jumper in a pastel pink colour. Winter + pink cosy jumper = Happiness. I've been on the hunt for one of these online but I haven't found one yet that's a reasonable price. I'm praying to the style Gods that Penneys will come out with a version soon

  • Burgundy Trousers- This colour is my all time favourite especially at this time of year. These pair from Boohoo are perfect and aren't overly expensive (€45) but it's still too much for my student wages. Here's hoping they'll go on sale

  • A leather/pleather skater skirt. Again this is something I've been hunting for for ages but I have never found one on the cheap that doesn't look too plasticy. Luckily today though myself and my housemates spotted one in Dunnes for €20. If I can scrape together some pennies maybe it will be mine soon...maybe.

  • Crystal Pendant Necklace. Maybe it's the effect of Halloween and being so excited about watching Hocus Pocus again but I am really loving the whole crystal necklace thing. Free People have some amazing but extremely overpriced ones, it's time to start searching the inter-web I think!

That's all for now folks,
'Til next time,

Hannah xx

Monday, 21 October 2013

Snoods, Studs and Boots

Hello all

Hope everyone is keeping well. Last weekend I willingly decided to do something that I never do - I got my hair cut!! I have been growing my hair for about three years now ever since I left a hairdressers feeling like an alter boy one sad and dark day. I am such a typical girl when it comes to hair and I admit to having cried a few times when my hair didn't come out as planned. However I am happy to announce that I now enjoy getting a bit of a chop. I got about three inches taking off of dead and split ended hair and my hair feels so much better now-YAY :) Get your split ends taking off girl, it's worth it. I also had a pleasant surprise on Sunday that I wasn't expecting, the god damn rain stopped! Myself and my Mum took advantage and we did a quick outfit post of what I was wearing that day. I hope you like it

Studded Sparkly Jumper- Forever 21, €22

Bag- Penneys/ Primark, €13

Snood- €6, Penneys/Primark I love this it's as cosy!

Leather look disco pants - New Look, €29.99

Cut Out Boots- €22, Penneys/Primark
These are so comfortable , I have a twenty minute walk into college every day and these shoes are more than grand to walk in, I am impressed!

Thank you for reading ,
'Til next time

Hannah xx

Thursday, 17 October 2013

Monochrome & Red

 Hello all, 

For whatever reason I do not know but I have just gone mad for black & white. We've all heard it a thousand times over how 'classic' and 'timeless' it is but to be honest I just like wearing it because it' so easy to throw on and give the illusion that you spent ages deciding what to wear and didn't just pick it up off your bedroom floor ( don't judge me..we all do it). Now I am loving monochrome (especially this blazer) but we gotta splash a biteen of a colour in there too!

I hope you like it !

Red Collared Shirt - Penneys, €10 . This is quickly becoming my favourite shirt 


Leather Look Disco Pants  - Penneys, €29.99

I wear these way too much , oh well :)

Black & White Blazer - Missguided, €33ish with student discount. Click me

I won't even start trying to explain my love for this blazer because I won't be able to do it without sounding extremely sad

 Necklace - Present from my sisters :)

A close up of the blazer and the cool diagonal line of the sleeves

Not so real Converse- Penneys, €12

Thank you so much for reading,
'Til next time

Hannah xx

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Harry Potter, Leather & Shorts

Hello all,

So I am a hardcore Harry Potter fanatic and I was lucky enough to visit the Warner Brother's Harry Potter Studio Tour in London a few weeks back thanks to a very generous & sound sister (cheers Emma). There was a gift shop at the end of the tour filled with amazing Harry Potter goodness that was sadly extremely overpriced , but I nabbed myself a Deathly Hallows T-Shirt because I'm just that cool. Here's an outfit featuring it , I hope you like it :)

Leather Jacket - TK MAXX, €28

Hoodie- Men's Section in Penneys, €10

Bag- Present from Italy from my super sound Mammy & Daddy
Love throwing it on with a darker coloured outfit to brighten it up a biteen.

Necklace - Accesorize, €10(ish) with student discount

My Penney's version of converse - €12

Belt - €2, Penneys
Shorts- €16, E-bay

Deathly Hallows T-shirt - €22, Warner Brother's Studio

It's frightening how much I love this t-shirt, I don't think it's right for a person to feel this way about a piece of clothing but we're talking about Harry Potter here so all is OK :)

Thanks for reading!
'Til next time

Hannah xx

Monday, 14 October 2013

Real Techniques : Make-up Brushes

Hello all,

If any of you are familiar with the magical beauty land of videos on YouTube then I'm sure you'll know of the channel Pixiwoo (click me ) ( They are two sisters who are professional make-up artists by trade,you should definitely check them out they do amazing make-up tutorials ). Sam - one half of the duo has developed her own makeup brush line 'Real Techniques' ranging from eyes to face & everything in between.The brushes I'll be talking about today are the eye brushes from the 'Real Techniques Starter Set'

Firstly I must admit before buying these brushes I always used the little brushes that came along with whatever make-up I bought thinking they were grand and did the job, but then one wondrous day I finally forked over the €29.99 for these 5 brushes and their little case. Needless to say five months on & I have never applied my makeup without them.

The set comes with 5 brushes & a case that can be folded into a stand :

1) The Deluxe Crease Brush

I use this brush for my concealer and I just cannot praise it enough. I typically wear concealer under my eyes and just around my nose & this brush works brilliantly for both areas. The bristles are synthetic taklon bristles which means they don't absorb any liquid - so no wasting of makeup :) The bristles are also extremely soft which I love!

2) Base Shadow Brush

I typically use this brush when I'm just applying one eye shadow. The shape of the brush makes applying eye shadow all over the lid a breeze

3) Accent Brush

I use this brush every single time I wear eye shadow. I like to wear brown eye shadow smudged along my bottom lash line and this brush allows me to do this quickly & easily. It's a perfect size for under your eyes especially if you're like me and have a tendency to poke yourself in the eye when doing your makeup. Ahh the joys of being a girl.

4) Brow Brush

Don't ya just love brows , thank you Cara D for making them big news. When doing my brows I use a brow powder from Catrice with this brush & it never fails ( this makes me happy)

5) Pixel Point Eyeliner Brush

This is one of my favourite brushes in this set but I don't use it for what it says on the tin, instead I use it to apply a shimmery eye shadow to my inner corners. This brush is just thin enough to reach the inner eye without of course causing anymore eye casualties. Don't call the eye doctor just yet

I really cannot recommend these brushes enough. Being 100% honest , at first they seemed a tad expensive but looking back at how many times I've used them & the amazing quality I think it's money well spent :) There is also some highly praised foundation brushes in this line that I'll definitely be checking out soon.

I found a website that sell this set for €24.99  if anybody is interested : click here

Thanks for reading,
'Til next time - Hannah xx