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Monday, 30 September 2013

Florals, Lace & Arrows

Hello all,

This outfit features my new, crazy floral trousers. They are my proudest E-bay purchase to date. They're originally from Next retailing at €60 but I got them for less than €20 including postage ( it was a proud day). The trousers may seem a bit out there but when teamed with simple pieces they are completely wearable! Anyway, that's enough blathering, here we go..

Leather Jacket- TX MAXX, €28    also featured in an outfit here

Ahh the trousers- E-bay, about €20 . If you like what you see there is one pair left here :)

Lace Top- Boohoo, €24 . Also featured in an outfit here

Heels- Missguided, €36 with student discount. My favourite pair of heels by far & they're still in stock click me

'Torc Arrow' Necklace- Boohoo, €12. I love how unique this necklace is, it's a bit different to the usual statement necklace we're used to seeing.

The full look :

(Photos taken by my sister Bernie )

Thank you for reading,
'Til next time-

Hannah xx

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Autumn/ Winter trends '13 - The Fashion

Hello all,

Autumn is at long last here & even though I may need too many hot water bottles & twice as much tea , it brings with it all the chunky knits & cosy hats from last year ( this makes me happy ). Every year of course there are certain 'trends' that come around & while I'm not one to stick to them religiously( my bank account won't allow it) it's no harm to have a little look at what's out there. Here are my top 5 trends for A/W '13 & where you can achieve them.

1) Tartan 
Tartan has taken over the catwalks & highstreet, and for good reason as it's a really quick & easy way to spice up any outfit.  I'm not one to wear it head to toe but if you feel your outfit is looking a bit Plain Jane why not throw on this pattern in some way?

€24- Boohoo click here
Skinny jeans- €17, Penneys

Socks- €5.14 , Missguided click me

2) Oversized Outerwear
I have always loved a more 'boyish' fitted blazer/jacket so this trend suits me down to the ground. If you're thinking about investing in an oversized piece I would advise keeping it in ether a black/grey or nude/neutral colour. Any of these will go with just about anything & will make sure you get value for your hard earned pennies .

€30.07, Sheinside click me

€31.76- Sheinside click here

€29.99- New Look click here

3) Burgundy...AGAIN
I don't know what it is about this magical colour that's so special but I think it's safe to say we've all found a place for it in our hearts. What's great about this 'trend' is that since we've been around it so long our wardrobes are probably full of it already, but for anyone of you out there that want to get a few new pieces here's some I have my eye on 

Dress - €23 - Prettylittlething click me ( this would be perfect for party season)

Top -€22, Boohoo click here

Trousers - €45, Boohoo click here

4) Lacey Lace
Lace is back with a vengeance and it's no wonder! It screams luxury & glamour and it is perfect for the upcoming party season ( It's too early to say the C word). Here are some gorgeous & affordable pieces available 

€20, Dorothy Perkins click here 

€45.11 - Missguided, click me

€22.19- YESSTYLE click me

5) Velvet 
Velvet is definitely the fabric version of Marmite, some hate it, some love it. If you're one of the posse that love it you'll be glad to know that it's back in action again this Autumn/Winter. Here are my favourite ways to wear it

Leggings- €11.91, E-bay click me 
I recently bought this pair of leggings & I don't mean to be rash but I'm in love!

 €10.70 , E-Bay click me
This colour is perfecr for A/W

I hope this was helpful to somebody somewhere, stay tuned for my A/W Make-up trends
Thank you for reading,

'Til next time -
Hannah xx

Saturday, 28 September 2013

Elton John, Shorts & Brogues

Hello all,

So it's been a while since I have updated Crimson Threads due to a very hectic/crazy/brilliant first week back in college. Apologies, all will be back on track in the next few days :) I got the shock of my life when I woke up this morning & I saw that burning ball of fire still hanging around in the sky. This outfit is most definitely not a typical Irish September outfit but nonetheless I hope you enjoy.

                                                            Crop top- €13, Catch

                      Spike Necklace-€5, E-bay                                                Belt- €2, Penneys

Sunglasses- My Mammy's old Ray Bans which she kindly gave me. I love them & I love looking like Elton John!

Brogues- €9, Penneys

                                                        Shorts- €23.99 - New look

                                                        Kimono-€23.75, Forever 21

Photos by my sister Bernie ( thank you sistaa)

Thanks for reading,
'Til next time - Hannah x 

Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Leather, Plaid & Bows

Hello all,

So I have another little outfit for you all. This outfit features my leather jacket I bought in TK MAXX almost 3 years ago ( so proud of myself for finding something in there ). I love it far more than a normal person should love a jacket but maybe it's a phase I'll grow out a year or two. Anyway nonetheless I hope you enjoy :)

Leather Jacket- TK MAXX, €28

Necklace- Accesorize, €12

Belt, Penney's €2.50

Dress- Penneys, €17

                                                           Scarf- €4 , Penneys

Yes I know these boots again but I just can't help it, €29.99 - H&M   Socks- €2, Penneys

Thank you for reading & having a look 
'Til next time,
Hannah x 

Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Top 3 Online Shopping Destinations

Hello all,

So online shopping is becoming a big problem for me aided by the fact that this year I was granted with my very own VISA bank card. Now with so many clothes on offer with just a click of a button away and considering I have very little will power I have grown into a very experienced( and now poor) online shopper! Here are my top websites along with any tips regarding the beautiful land that is online shopping. So let's begin!

1) Missguided. If you click this & love all you see but your wallet feels the brunt of it I'm sorry

You probably all already know of it because hands down it's one of the best websites out there. Any students reading this make sure you register with UNIDAYS here's the link . On a side note, for a long time i thought UNIDAYS was just for British students but nope all you fellow Irish students get a 10% discount for Missguided. They also give loads of discounts for other websites too, all you have to do is register & login with your college number & password, simple.
        Missguided have a huge range of clothes for all tastes and anything I've ever ordered from there has been extremely good quality. Make sure to check out their 'Sweet Deals' section for some absolute bargains. Their shipping rates are cheap & really fast too. The only thing I'll say about it  is if you see something you like order it as soon as possible because they sell out of items pretty darn fast.

2) E-bay Click me

Do you have a bag/ jacket/ pair of shoes that you have always imagined of owning but you never see it in the shops? If you answered yes then E-bay is your new best friend. It always has what you're looking for and is well worth a gawk when the highstreet fails you. If you have a smart phone make sure to download the E-bay app as it gives you the option to 'watch' an item that tickles your fancy. This is super handy because when the auction is coming to end you get a notification on your phone reminding you to get your skates on . The only negative I can say about E-bay is that it is very addictive, consider this your warning.

3) Etsy Click me too

Etsy is a haven for unique items ranging from furniture to books to clothes.What I personally love it for though is it's jewellery. I am a self confessed magpie & I love buying jewellery. Head on over and do a search along the lines of 'statement necklace' and behold the hundreds of beautiful necklaces before you. Shipping takes a bit longer than other websites but it's definitely worth it. Oh and did I mention you can get necklaces for as cheap as €3.

Now of course there are loads more out there but I find I spend the most time on the 3 above, however since I am an online shopaholic I thought I'd give you a few more websites that are definitely worth a look
(just click on the name and you will be directed to their these days )

That's all I can think of at the moment but it's a good variety of websites that you might not of heard of before or thought of shopping on. Also all of them have various prices & products so as to suit everyone. As always I hope this post helped somebody somewhere and I do apologise in advance if any of these websites resort to you becoming considerably poorer. Happy shopping!

'Til next time,

Sunday, 15 September 2013

You can achieve Kendall Jenner's look

Hello all,

I'll be the first to admit that mindless reality TV is my guilty pleasure, and Keeping up with the Kardashians is definitely my numero uno( please don't judge me). We all Know of Kim K and her crazy family but it's her younger sister Kendall Jenner that interests me most. Maybe it's because she's closest to me in age or maybe it's her amazingly shiny hair , who knows? Anyway she has that effortless style down to a tee and today I hope to help you achieve her laid back model look, but of course at a fraction of the price :)

Boots- €24, Penneys 
Black boots are a staple for Autumn/Winter and have the magical power of just going with everything. Wear yours with thick 'boot socks' or lace trimmed socks for a cosier look.


Tank top- €12.75, Forever 21. A white tank is a great basic to have in your wardrobe. They're simple, and great for layering under thicker fabrics especially now Autumn is upon us.

 Wet look leggings - €16, Boohoo. Any wet / leather look leggings are a great and easy way to spice up an everyday look. Wear them like Kendall with a tank top, or opt for an over sized jumper to prevent hypothermia in this bi-polar weather.

                                                                Link to Leggings

Neon necklace- €2.32, 
Neon isn't just for the summer months. Wear it like Miss Jenner to add a pop of a colour to an otherwise monochrome outfit for an effortless put together look.

                                                               Link to Necklace

I hope this helped you in some little way. The 'steal her style' sections of magazines are always my favourite to read  and I hope to put together more celebrity inspired looks for you all ...that is of course if you like them!!
That's all for now m'dears,

Hannah x

Friday, 13 September 2013

The Best of Rimmel

Hello there,

 When it comes to make-up I'm always on the hunt for a product that is of great quality but doesn't come with the designer price tag, because let's face it our money can be more wisely spent on other important necessities such as Penney's fluffy socks and dairy milks.
        I remember the glorious day when I first discovered the wonders of makeup and I heard those sweet angels sing Hallelujah! To some people make-up may seem a biteen artificial but I've always held a different meaning to it- It can really make you feel so much better about yourself . Didn't sleep?Hellooo concealer. Resembling Casper the friendly Ghost? Hey there bronzer!
       Anyhow that's enough sidetracking, time to get to business! Rimmel London (I'll use it by it's full length name to be professional ;) ) was the first makeup brand I ever used and over the past few years I've found some true gems :)

First up - The best blusher you'll ever use in your life!  
"Lasting Finish Soft Colour Mono Blush" in the shade Pink Rose €5.45

Hands down this is the nicest blusher I've ever used. I've worn them all from Max Factor to Benefit, but I always repurchase this beauty. Since I'm as pale as they come I need something brightening for my face and this works wonders. However this magical pot of pink wonder works on all skin tones which I discovered when my sisters "borrowed" it. Really cannot recommend it enough.

Next up - Powder your nose!
"Match Perfection Loose Powder" €9.65

If you're somebody who has only ever used pressed powders then you should try a loose version. Yes they can be messy but the lasting power it gives your makeup is worth it! Before I used this I was the girl that brought her powder on a night out with her only to discover the next morning that it had smashed and made a big mess all over my poor bag. Now however I don't have this problem because one application of this mighty stuff is enough to last me the night on the tiles!

Next - Brow Power!
"Professional Eyebrow Pencil" in the shade Hazel. €4.65

Thanks To Cara Delevinge's signature look It's all about brows these days. I personally use both a powder and pencil when doing mine as I've noticed it's what achieves the most natural look. Again like the blusher this shade just somehow suits a lot of people and is a good basic to have in your make-up bag! 

Next up- Wake up eyes!
 "ScandalEyes Waterproof Kohl Pencil" in the shade Nude. €4.95

Nude eyeliner is something I've only recently gotten into but now that I'm in, I'm hooked. Nude eyeliner is typically worn on the bottom water line of the eye to give a more awake and fresh look to the eye. This was a trick the makeup artists used back in the 50's & 60's only they used a white pencil. Since then it's been discovered nude gives a more natural look. Another plus is if you have smaller eyes it can give the illusion that you've big,beautiful Bambi eyes. Give it a go, you won't be disappointed.

Next on the list- Classically Red.
"Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick by Kate Moss" in shade 110. €6.95

I really love a good red lipstick and for a long time I searched the Pharmacy's shelves high and low for the perfect shade. Until I tried this bad boy and I can honestly say I won't be buying another red lipstick for a very long time. It's a colour that people always seem to comment on and many are shocked to hear the word Rimmel as most are expecting to hear Mac. I have to say the winning factor for me with this lipstick is unlike others it doesn't dry your lips out leaving them feeling like pieces of  (red) sandpaper. Another lipstick in this line is shade 101 which is a lovely rich berry colour and is perfect for this time of year.

Last but not least- Line those lips!
"Exaggerate Automatic Lipliner - Addiction" in the shade Eastend Snob. €5.45

Once upon a time when I heard the word 'lipliner' I thought of an elderly lady shakily drawing it on her lips and getting some on her teeth. Not a nice association by any means and looking back it was sort of mean ( I apologise). However I now realise that lipliner is pretty damn good! Particularly this one. Apply lipliner before you go ahead with lipstick to really make it last or try it another way which I really love - Apply some lip balm and then go ahead and fill your lips fully with this lipliner ( lip balm makes the liner application easier). Then pop a bit more lip balm over the top and hey there pretty lady you have a long lasting lip colour that's unique and again for whatever special reason it's a colour people really seem to comment on! 

What's so great about Rimmel London is not only it's price but it's availability. Most Pharmacies stock it nationwide and now the likes of Penneys, Dunnes Stores and Tesco stock it too. You get great value for money and if there was anything above that interested you in the slightest I really recommend you try it out ...but if you don't like it please don't kill me!

Anyhow in the wise words of Warner Brothers...

Thank you for reading,
Hannah x 

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Outfit Post - Accessorize Accessorize

Hello all,

I'm all about accessories and what they can do to improve an outfit (my Penney's necklace collection is borderline ridiculous) .Whenever I go shopping I always make a point to look at each shop's accessory section as I find the more necklacesbelts/ scarves/ just accessories in general you have the more looks you can achieve using the same base outfit :)

Hope you like it,
Hannah x 

Lace Top-€24, Boohoo (one of the few tops out there these days that isn't see-through ..yes!! )  

Kimono- €23.75, Forever 21

Spike Necklace- €5, Penneys

Skirt- €14.99, H&M

Boots - €29.99, H&M   Socks- €2, Penneys

Belt- €2.50,Penneys

(Photos by my sister Emma )