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Sunday, 22 December 2013

Velvet and Black

Hello all,

I've been getting into the festive spirit these days and I am loving velvet !I nabbed this skirt for €11 in Penneys and it is the exact same as one in Topshop for €38 , bargain! It was a biteen chilly when I wore this outfit so I teamed the skirt with my black studded jumper tucked in. I have worn everything in this outfit apart from the skirt in previous outfit posts (especially the flippin' shoes) but that is the exact point of my blog. Nobody can afford new clothes all the time (recession anyone?), it's just all about styling them in different ways to create different looks! I hope you like it :)

Jumper: €21.75, Forever 21
Collared Top : €18.75
Torc necklace: €6
Skirt: €11, Belt: €2.50, Tights: pack of 5, All Penneys
Shoes: €29.99, H&M

Thanks for reading!!!
Hannah Xx

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Black Black Black

Hello all,

I apologise for the amount of black in this outfit but I just happen to be loving black a lot lately. It's weird to think that though because growing up my Mammy would always say 'You're too young to wear black' so up until very recently, I didn't have a lot of it in my wardrobe. Now however it's there in full force..sorry Mammy.
I hope you like this outfit :)

Leather Jacket - €27.99, TK MAXX
Kimono- €19.75, Forever 21
Sparkly Top - €10, Manic
Disco Pants- €18, Boohoo
Small Necklace- €12, Acessorize
Longer Necklace- €7, Dorothy Perkins
Boots- €22, Penneys ( the only shoes I wear)
Socks- Penneys

Thank you for reading!!!
'Til next time,

Hannah Xx

Monday, 16 December 2013

How I Curl My Hair!

Hello all,

Since I have started Crimson Threads I have received comments & messages asking how I curl my hair which seems to daft to me because I don't see it as anything special but sure here we go :)

1) I try to wash my hair the night before an event if possible because really clean hair doesn't hold curls too well. Before I blowdry my hair I use the Vo5 Amplifying Blow Dry Spray (full review will be up soon) to try & get a bit of volume into my poor flat hair!

2) Now to the the actual curling- I have been using a curling tong lately & I am really liking the end result! Something I've always done when curling my hair is hold the curler/tong upside down like the photo below. I just find it gives a nicer result. Also if your curler has a clamp , don't use it. Just wrap your hair around the barrel as if it wasn't there.

3) I make sure to always curl the hair around my face away from face. It is much more flattering. I tend to curl my hair in the same direction throughout, alternating the direction every so often.

4) I curl my hair in very small sections , holding them on the curler for about 10 seconds ( always leave it on the curler to suit the thickness of your hair, you don't want to end up like this poor girl ). I curl it like this so the curls will last as long as possible.

5) OK Right now I look like I'm wearing an Irish dancing wig but don't worry I actually planned this to happen!! Now we get to the fun part, very lightly I spray my hair with some hair spray and then I brush through the curls. This is a trick I learned from a hairdresser and it really does give a really professional look..well I think so anyway :)

6) Last step, I add some root boosting powder throughout my hair to add even more volume and finish with hairspray!!

I hope this helps someone, once you get the hang of it the whole process will only take about 15 minutes :)

The products I used were:

  • Babyliss Curling Tong
  • VO5 Amplifying Blow Dry Spray €5-7
  • Got2B Powder'ful Boosting Powder , €3.99
  • Got2B 2 Sexy Volume Hair Spray €4-5

Thanks for reading,
'Til next time,

Saturday, 14 December 2013

Red Lips

Hello all,

It's been a while since I did a 'beauty' post so here it goes :)
I love love love wearing red lips they're always a good classic to go back to if in doubt. However my main problem with wearing lipstick is that it dries your lips out like crazy leaving them dry & cracked & that is NOT what we want!
This is where the Rimmel Colour Rush Balm in the shade 'The Redder the Better' comes to play.
I have been using this product for about a month and I have come up with a few pros & cons so you can decide for yourself if it's something you'd be interested in..


  • It is super affordable - €7.95 !!
  • The consistency is incredible, it really does feel like your wearing a lip balm
  • The colour pay off is very true to it's name, a perfect bright red shade
  • Application is simple, shaped like a crayon so you can basically colour in your lips!
  • Lasting power is amazing!Really.


  • Lasting power is so good that the next day your lips have a slight red tint. I don't even complain about this but just thought you should know :)

The first shade I bought in this line was a fuchsia colour in the shade 'Rumour Has It'. I really recommend this one too if red isn't your cup of tea! 
I highly recommend this product and it is now a staple in my makeup bag, maybe give it a go the next time your in Boots, I hope that you'll be impressed as I am!!

That's all for now m'dears,
Thanks for reading!!

Hannah Xx

Friday, 6 December 2013

Pleather Joggers & Stripes

Hello all!

I have a slight obsession with pleather these days, so much so that I now own these pleather joggers! They are essentially the same shape as regular jogger tracksuit bottoms only in a pleather material. It all sounds so wrong I know but I don't care I just love them. I saw similar pairs on some fellow bloggers and thought they were so cool but I didn't think I was brave enough to give them a go. Then I saw these in Penneys for only €13 and I thought why not. I am so happy I got them because they are so flippin' comfortable my goodness! I forgot what it's like to wear pants that weren't in a skinny cut! Anyway that is enough blathering, here's the outfit, I hope you like it :)

(I had to throw these two in, it's good craic taking photos with my sister, thanks again Bernie for putting up with me :) )

Pleather Joggers : Penneys, €13
Striped Top: Pull & Bear , €15
Necklace: Penneys, €5
Shoes: Penneys, €8

Thanks for reading everyone, 
'Til next time,
Hannah X 

Monday, 2 December 2013

Lace and Green

Hello all,

This is my first post in December !! Ahh I am so excited to finally start counting down the days to Christmas and rejoicing in the fact that I can now play Christmas songs outside of my room ( I have been listening to them the past two weeks shhh). This outfit is basically what I wore to Galway at the weekend with the playsuit as a substitute for a black dress that was covered in annoying fluff! Galway was fun but my goodness it was crazy with all the shoppers out. Don't get me started on Penneys the queues were organised like a military operation there was so many people working trying to calm the storm! I got some nice things though as my Christmas presents but they are hidden away now not to be seen 'til the 25th. Anyway that is enough rambling, I hope you like it :)

Playsuit : River Island, €33
Kimono: Missguided, €13(ish) on sale
Hat: Missguided, €12
Socks, tights : Penneys, €1.50,€3
Shoes: H&M, €29.99

I also want to thank everyone that entered my competition on my Facebook page I was shocked at the response :)
That's all for now,
Thanks for reading,
Hannah X