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Friday, 6 June 2014

Rosey Duties

Hello all,

So I have finally regained a bit of energy from what was easily the best four days of my life. As some of you may know I was in Portlaoise last week for the Regional finals of the Rose of Tralee. I cannot even begin to explain the unbelievable time I had with the fifty nine other Roses who are hands down the most talented, hilarious and gorgeous girls I have ever met. Unfortunately I wasn't chosen as one of the six Irish counties to go through to the next stage in Tralee but I had the time of my life, and I will never forget my little trip to Portlaoise that I was so lucky to experience.

As you can imagine we packed a lot into our four days there, and our feet are certainly feeling the brunt of it (heels all day, every day = pain, soo much pain). From visiting Abbeyleix house, dancing on the street with our little Rosebuds, participating in a vintage car parade, dining at Castle Durrow and of course meeting Mr. Daithi O'Shea himself, we certainly had a blast. Of course I couldn't write this post without mentioning all the lovely Roses I was honoured to meet. I felt very lucky to be considered among the same category as them. What a talented, beautiful bunch of lovely ladies ( Father Ted quote had to come in somewhere). I also couldn't go without giving a quick mention to our lovely chaperons for the week, who looked after us from dawn to dusk.

I could go on and on about each day but I think I'll save that for another time as this would be one hell of a long post, so we'll get cracking at the outfits- I don't have a photo for every outfit but sure we'll work with what we have :)

Numero Uno

I wore this outfit travelling down to Portlaoise on the Thursday morning.
Top- Asos
Trousers- Missguided
Brogues- Penneys
Headchain- Newbridge

I wanted to be comfortable for my three hour journey at 8 o'clock in the morning & this outfit certainly allowed me that. I then changed into a lovely floral dress from the brand Closet for the rest of the day's activities.

Up next is what I wore to the Vintage Car Parade. I was so excited to wear this headpiece, it's just the prettiest little thing to wear. Although I did have to keep ducking whenever I was walking through any doorways :)

Dress- Monsoon
Clutch- New Look
Headpiece- Ruby Lane, Sligo

This is what I wore on our last day of the Regionals, where we were spoiled at Castle Durrow. If you ever get the chance to visit Co. Laoise make sure you take a trip into Castle Durrow. It is absolutely gorgeous!

Skirt- Dorothy Perkins
Shoes- Clarkes
Clutch- Dorothy Perkins
Belt- Penneys
Hat- New Look

This is the dress I wore for my night on the stage. I absolutely love the shape of it. I wish I got some better photos of it but everything was very rushed at the time. I'm sure I'll be wearing it again though :) I bought it in Ruby Lane in Sligo. - special thanks to my roomie Katie for zipping me up ;)

Here is a link to video that sums up our days in Portlaoise if you're interested in watching it, click here :)

I had such an amazing time in Portlaoise and I feel very lucky to have been given the oppertunity to experience it. I cannot wait to enjoy the rest of my year as the Mayo Rose, and I also cannot wait to head down to Tralee to support my fellow Roses and new friends :)

Thank you for reading,


Wednesday, 28 May 2014

Achill Island

Hello all,

Today is an outfit post that I actually took with my two sisters Bernie & Emma over the Easter holidays but with a crazy schedule the past month or so I never got around to uploading it! We took these one day on a trip out to Achill Island and my goodness it was absolutely beautiful! If you ever get the opportunity to pay it a visit make sure you do. It was a biteen windy when we took these but that wind swept look is sooo in right now, right? This evening I'm doing all my last minute preparations for my trip to Portlaoise in the morning for the Regionals of the Rose of Tralee. I don't know is there much point in me even bringing a suitcase as half of my clothes will be hanging up in the back of the car to avoid my mother's worst nightmare- creases. I have made countless lists the past few days trying to ensure that I don't forget anything but as long as I have some plasters and blister protectors for my poor feet I think I'll be ok :) 

I will try to keep my page updated throughout the few days while I'm there if I can, although I think Social Media might not be allowed while we're there but if we are make sure to follow me on twitter & instagram for any updates :) Ok, now here are the photos, I hope you like them! 

Dress- Swamp
Brogues- Penneys
Flower Crown- Penneys
Necklace- Penneys

Thank you to my two sisters -Emma & Bernie for taking these photos !
'Til next time,


Sunday, 11 May 2014

Quick Catchup :)

Hi all,

Ok I have completely put my blogging to the side for the past two weeks because my goodness I have been one busy lady. Originally my blog was mainly for fashion and beauty but I'm starting to come to the idea that I might throw the odd personal post up here too. A lot of you may not be interested but if anything it can be for myself as my memory is just terrible. As in awful. So, I'm just going to talk about something pretty special that happened to me last weekend and I also get to talk about the nice dress I wore, so still keeping with the fashion theme!

Last Friday I entered the Mayo Rose 2014 Selection as the Lady of the Moy, and I came out of it as the 2014 Mayo Rose. Even typing that is really strange. I honestly did not expect it at all. I never really thought I was 'Rose' material but here we are. I went into the whole experience just for that, the experience. Little did I know I would now have a year of new experiences ahead of me. The next stage of the journey is a trip down to Portlaoise at the end of the month. This is sort of like a mini version of the festival that occurs in Tralee every August. In Portlaoise all the Roses (Irish and International) will meet, attend events, take part in a parade and all those lovely 'Rose' activities. We even get assigned a roomie! There is also a total of three selection nights where we each go up on stage with the main man himself, Daithi and on the third night the judges will select the Roses that go through to the next stage in Tralee. To say I am excited is an understatement! I cannot wait to meet everyone and just take in the experience. We also get to wear fancy fascinators, so I am really in my element right now.

As I am in the middle of juggling this new journey, a new job and studying for my exams any outfit I have worn in the past few weeks has been detrimental, and I really do not want any photographic evidence of them. The only photos I have to share are from the night I was selected so I thought 'why not' sure I'll throw them up here! I hope you like them!

I literally was the tri-colour in this dress. I always wanted to wear a green dress to my grad but I found a blue one instead, so I was happy to wear this green number last Friday. I bought this dress from a boutique in Maynooth called Divine. Definitely check out their website if you're looking for any unique occasion wear attire :)

photo courtesy of Event Capture Photography

Thanks for reading! I hope once things settle down I can get back into my routine of blogging. I also want to say a quick thank you for all the messages/calls/texts I have recieved in the past week. They put a big smile on this freckly face :)

'Til next time,


Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Kimono's & Brogues

Hello all,

So I'm addicted to this hat, I know. But it's just so handy to throw on especially when you're trying to conceal your not so freshly washed hair! I also happen to be addicted to kimonos..sorry! This one is something I would wear to a festival, but since I don't have any festivals to attend I wore it in my field while my sister took photos of me, compromise is essential to life people. Anyway, I hope you like it :) Also, because there just wasn't quite enough flowers going on I threw on a floral headband around the rim of my hat!

Kimono - Missguided, €20
Dress- Awear, €30
Necklace- H&M, €12.95
Brogues- Penneys, €9
Hat- New Look, €15
Floral Crown- New Look
Sunglasses- Stall in London

As always, thanks for reading!


Wednesday, 16 April 2014

Floral & Pink

Hello all,

This is the outfit I wore last Saturday to the Into The West Blogger Event. I got lots of messages asking where each item was from so hopefully this post will be helpful to some of you :) My favorite part of this outfit are the trousers, mainly because they are the most comfortable trousers I own. They're like pyjama bottoms, and who doesn't like wearing pyjama bottoms. I also got quite a good discount on them, as they were originally €35 but I got them for €27 with double student discount on Thursdays in Only. So fellow students remember that one. Hope you like it :)

Shirt - Stradivarius, €19.95
Trousers- ONLY, €27
Belt- Penneys, €2
Hat- New Look, €15
Necklace- H&M , €12.95
Bag- Penneys, €11
Heels- Penneys, €15
Thanks for reading,
'Til next time


Monday, 14 April 2014

Into The West Blogger Network- The First Meetup

Hello all,

So as some of you may know I attended my very first blogger event this weekend in the beautiful g Hotel. The event was the first official meeting of a new network of bloggers called the Into the West Blogger Network. This weekend's event was orgainsed by the lovely Sinéad from Yummy Mummy Fashion and Lifestyle. A big thank you to Sinéad for getting us altogether for our little Afternoon Tea (how posh), I was so happy to be a part of the meetup and it was amazing to meet so many fellow bloggers from the West :)

The day kicked off in one of the gorgeous lounges in the g Hotel. Seriously if you've never been you NEED to get yourself into see that hotel. It is amazing! We were then treated to some complimentary Prosecco while we waited for our Afternoon Tea, which I'm telling you did not disappoint at all. So many nice things to eat, I literally stuffed my face, and I have no shame. I was sitting across from the lovely Orla from Beyond The Fashion, who lucky for me doesn't like cake so it's safe to say I ate two people's worth of food. It was a good day for me ;)

Sinéad then presented us all with some goodie bags courtesy of Cara Pharmacy and Publicity Loft. Holy Mother of God I was not prepared for what was filling these bags. We were seriously spoiled with products from La Roche Posay, Avéne, Theirry Mulgar, Vichy, Benefit, Wet'n'Wild, Ren and yes, even more. I was like a child at Christmas! We will be smelling and looking our best thanks to the lovely sponsers of the goodie bags :)

Some photos from the day :

Overall, the day was a huge success and exceeded all of my expectations. I have to admit on the journey down to Galway ,I was absolutely terrified. I was so anxious of the fact that I am only 19, so kind of the 'baby' of the group and combine that to still being relatively new to this blogging world and you have one nervous lady. But to my relief, I of course, need not of worried. Everybody was just a pleasure to meet, the atmosphere was lovely and relaxed and plenty of laughs were had. It was so interesting getting to know the people behind the blogs, some of which I have been following for as long as I can remember!I will link all the blogs at the end of this post so you can all go and check them out :) I will also be posting an Outfit Post on what I wore this week so keep your eyes open for that too ! Also thank you to Danielle from Sweet Memories Photography for the photos!

so sorry if I left someone out, if I did, please let me know :)
Anna MUA
Yummy Mummy Fashion and Lifestyle
Makeup by Ruby Sue
Modest Styles
Beyond the Fashion
Babs Scribbles
Bec Boop
Innocent Illusion
Town Mouse Country Mouse
The Galway Player
Deeva Make Up
Emily Fashion Friend
Justified by Jemo

Thank you for reading everyone,
'Til next time,


Sunday, 6 April 2014

More Daffodils..

Hello All!

So you may have gathered from my recent few posts that I am loving all the Daffodils that have sprung up everywhere. Call me a hippie or a flower-child but seeing them just makes me happy ! They remind me that Easter is well on the way (thank GOD because I am seriously craving a packet of Tayto, lent was so much easier as a young one). Speaking of Easter I'm hoping to do some pretty pastel/Easter themed outfits for Crimson Threads over the next few weeks so keep your eyes peeled for that :) But, on to today's agenda, this outfit is super duper cheap with the dearest thing being €20 :) I hope you like this outfit (and the Daffodils).

Jumper : New Look, €15
Skirt: Pull & Bear, €19.99
Floral Headband : New Look, €12
Sunglasses: Stall in London, £5
Necklace: Penneys, €5
Boots: New Look, €19.99

Thanks for reading :)

- Hannah Xx