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Thursday, 17 October 2013

Monochrome & Red

 Hello all, 

For whatever reason I do not know but I have just gone mad for black & white. We've all heard it a thousand times over how 'classic' and 'timeless' it is but to be honest I just like wearing it because it' so easy to throw on and give the illusion that you spent ages deciding what to wear and didn't just pick it up off your bedroom floor ( don't judge me..we all do it). Now I am loving monochrome (especially this blazer) but we gotta splash a biteen of a colour in there too!

I hope you like it !

Red Collared Shirt - Penneys, €10 . This is quickly becoming my favourite shirt 


Leather Look Disco Pants  - Penneys, €29.99

I wear these way too much , oh well :)

Black & White Blazer - Missguided, €33ish with student discount. Click me

I won't even start trying to explain my love for this blazer because I won't be able to do it without sounding extremely sad

 Necklace - Present from my sisters :)

A close up of the blazer and the cool diagonal line of the sleeves

Not so real Converse- Penneys, €12

Thank you so much for reading,
'Til next time

Hannah xx

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