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Monday, 14 October 2013

Real Techniques : Make-up Brushes

Hello all,

If any of you are familiar with the magical beauty land of videos on YouTube then I'm sure you'll know of the channel Pixiwoo (click me ) ( They are two sisters who are professional make-up artists by trade,you should definitely check them out they do amazing make-up tutorials ). Sam - one half of the duo has developed her own makeup brush line 'Real Techniques' ranging from eyes to face & everything in between.The brushes I'll be talking about today are the eye brushes from the 'Real Techniques Starter Set'

Firstly I must admit before buying these brushes I always used the little brushes that came along with whatever make-up I bought thinking they were grand and did the job, but then one wondrous day I finally forked over the €29.99 for these 5 brushes and their little case. Needless to say five months on & I have never applied my makeup without them.

The set comes with 5 brushes & a case that can be folded into a stand :

1) The Deluxe Crease Brush

I use this brush for my concealer and I just cannot praise it enough. I typically wear concealer under my eyes and just around my nose & this brush works brilliantly for both areas. The bristles are synthetic taklon bristles which means they don't absorb any liquid - so no wasting of makeup :) The bristles are also extremely soft which I love!

2) Base Shadow Brush

I typically use this brush when I'm just applying one eye shadow. The shape of the brush makes applying eye shadow all over the lid a breeze

3) Accent Brush

I use this brush every single time I wear eye shadow. I like to wear brown eye shadow smudged along my bottom lash line and this brush allows me to do this quickly & easily. It's a perfect size for under your eyes especially if you're like me and have a tendency to poke yourself in the eye when doing your makeup. Ahh the joys of being a girl.

4) Brow Brush

Don't ya just love brows , thank you Cara D for making them big news. When doing my brows I use a brow powder from Catrice with this brush & it never fails ( this makes me happy)

5) Pixel Point Eyeliner Brush

This is one of my favourite brushes in this set but I don't use it for what it says on the tin, instead I use it to apply a shimmery eye shadow to my inner corners. This brush is just thin enough to reach the inner eye without of course causing anymore eye casualties. Don't call the eye doctor just yet

I really cannot recommend these brushes enough. Being 100% honest , at first they seemed a tad expensive but looking back at how many times I've used them & the amazing quality I think it's money well spent :) There is also some highly praised foundation brushes in this line that I'll definitely be checking out soon.

I found a website that sell this set for €24.99  if anybody is interested : click here

Thanks for reading,
'Til next time - Hannah xx

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