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Thursday, 21 November 2013

Casper the Friendliest Ghost

Hello all,

So this may come as a shock to you all but ...I am extremely pale. Not shocked? Didn't think's nearly always one of the first things somebody points out to me but I don't mind I'm proud and happy in my ever so pale Irish skin. The only thing I can complain about though apart from the obvious need of wearing factor 50 even in the Irish sun is finding make-up that suits my skin tone. This is especially noticeable when looking for foundation, there is just never any affordable or pale enough shades out there, but not to worry all you fellow pale ladies here are some of my favourite products for our Casper  like skin.

1) Revlon Colourstay Foundation - €18

I first heard of this foundation on Youtube when a beauty guru was comparing it to the quality of Mac Studio Fix Fluid Foundation. Since I am allergic to Mac's Studio Fix and they don't have a pale enough shade anyway I forked out the €18 and bought this beauty. I am so impressed with this foundation. It blends so easily into the skin ( I apply it with my fingers, the warmth of your fingertips helps blend it in smoothly) and the lasting power is something to behold, it easily lasts 10+ hours. It is a full coverage foundation and is my choice for a night out. I buy the shade 110 Ivory which is the lightest shade they carry in the line. The €18 may seem pricey but a bottle of this foundation lasts me a year, yes a YEAR! They also have two formulas- one for normal/dry skin and one for combination/oily skin so there's a shade and type for everyone!

2) Max Factor Xperience Foundation - €18

Now if you want a foundation that's lighter and better suited to daytime use ,this is your answer.This foundation purchase was again as a result of watching a beauty guru rave about how good it was (  I am such a sheep I know). It is extremely light and it really feels like your're not wearing anything on your skin( no cakey face YAY). The lasting power isn't as long as the Revlon Colourstay but for daytime use that's fine by me. Again the price does seem a lot at first but I am on my second tube in over two years so that's pretty good going! I am in shade 40 Light Ivory.

3) Collection 2000 Lasting Perfection Concealer - €6.49

I cannot rave about this concealer enough. It is so flippin' hard to find concealer in a light enough shade, but the shade 'Fair' is perfect for my translucent skin. I have bought countless tubes of this since I first discovered the magical powers it possess and I don't see myself stopping anytime soon. It is somehow perfect for both blemishes & under-eye circles with amazing lasting power. Go get it !! :)

4)Matte Brown Eyeshadow

I haven't specified a brand because as long as it's a brown eyeshadow with absolutely no shimmer it'll do just fine. Everyone knows the benefits of contouring ( if you don't click here) but for us ghosts there is no and I mean no bronzer that looks good on our skin. They are all far too orange and that just doesn't look good. However this doesn't mean we can't have those perfect cheek bones like the rest of them , all you need to do is apply (keep a light hand) the eyeshadow under the hollows of your cheek bones (make sure to blend afterwards )and hey presto you've cheekbones Kate Moss is envious of!

5) Rimmel Soft Kohl Kajal Eye Liner Pencil - €4.95

If you use a black pencil eyeliner I really recommend switching to a brown one, even if it just for daytime use. Black pencil can look very harsh in contrast to pale skin and can give the illusion of smaller eyes and make us look even paler...dun dun dun( that's meant to translate as dramatic music)! I really like this one as it's really easy to blend. Also any blue eyed beauties reading this brown eyeliner will make them look even bluer :)

6)Bright Lipsticks

Since I don't wear fake tan I have to have some colour going on or otherwise I may look like I'm on my deathbed. I tend to keep my eye makeup quite neutral so I really love bright colours for my lips , they completely brighten up your face without going overboard. Here are a list of my favourites( I like Rimmel products a lot) :

  • Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick by Kate Moss shade 107 €6.95

  • Rimmel Lasting Finish Matte Lipstick by Kate Moss shade 111 €6.95

  • Rimmel Lasting Finish lipstick- Drop of Sherry €5.95
  • Rimmel Colour Rush Balm - Rumour has it €7.95
  • No7 Moisture Drench Lipstick - Mulberry €10.95

I hope this helps someone! Thanks for reading, 


  1. Great post, I feel your pain trying to find the lighter shades out there! Followed your blog after you commented on mine! Really love your photos, great discovery :)

    Aisling |

    1. It's such a pain isn't it! Aw thank you so much, I love finding fellow Irish bloggers :)
      Hannah X