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Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Black Black Black

Hello all,

I apologise for the amount of black in this outfit but I just happen to be loving black a lot lately. It's weird to think that though because growing up my Mammy would always say 'You're too young to wear black' so up until very recently, I didn't have a lot of it in my wardrobe. Now however it's there in full force..sorry Mammy.
I hope you like this outfit :)

Leather Jacket - €27.99, TK MAXX
Kimono- €19.75, Forever 21
Sparkly Top - €10, Manic
Disco Pants- €18, Boohoo
Small Necklace- €12, Acessorize
Longer Necklace- €7, Dorothy Perkins
Boots- €22, Penneys ( the only shoes I wear)
Socks- Penneys

Thank you for reading!!!
'Til next time,

Hannah Xx


  1. I adore this outfit on you! I think the black really compliments your hair - which is strikingly fabulous! You're stunning :)

    Btw, a blogger friend of mine is thinking of organising an Irish teen blogger meet up in the new year - would you be interested? Let me know if you stop by my blog and I'll be sure to let her know :) x

    1. Aww thank you so much that is so lovely of you to say ! :)
      Yeah that's something I'd definitely be interested in, sounds great!! :)
      Hannah Xx

  2. I love kimonos and this one looks great peeping through the jacket! great outfit!
    xx rabia from RepeatPiece