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Tuesday, 1 April 2014

Leather & Feathers

Hello all,

I always find it kind of funny taking these more 'dressy' Outfit Posts around the house, growing up I definitely never thought I'd be trekking through the yard & dodging the animal droppings in my heels but that's the oh so glamorous life of living on a farm :) I wore this outfit on a college night out a few weeks back so I thought we'd take a few photos of it (It was also the only clean outfit that was available to me). Hope you enjoy it :)

Top: Forever 21, €7
Skirt: New Look, €20
Blazer: Missguided, €36
Heels: Penneys, €18
Necklace: Present
Clutch: Penneys, €11

Thanks for reading , hope you liked it
'Til next time,


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