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Wednesday, 11 September 2013

Outfit Post - Accessorize Accessorize

Hello all,

I'm all about accessories and what they can do to improve an outfit (my Penney's necklace collection is borderline ridiculous) .Whenever I go shopping I always make a point to look at each shop's accessory section as I find the more necklacesbelts/ scarves/ just accessories in general you have the more looks you can achieve using the same base outfit :)

Hope you like it,
Hannah x 

Lace Top-€24, Boohoo (one of the few tops out there these days that isn't see-through ..yes!! )  

Kimono- €23.75, Forever 21

Spike Necklace- €5, Penneys

Skirt- €14.99, H&M

Boots - €29.99, H&M   Socks- €2, Penneys

Belt- €2.50,Penneys

(Photos by my sister Emma )

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