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Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Burgundy, Black & Red

Hello all,

You know when you see something in Penneys you love but then you look at the price tag and think 'Ah that's too expensive for Penney's..sure maybe it'll go on sale & I'll get it then' ? Well that my friends is exactly what happened to me with this dress. The Sale Gods must of been with me that day when I wandered in and found it reduced from €17 to €7 , and there was only one left in my was just meant to be :) I wore this outfit out last Saturday night, I hope you like it.

 Dress - €7, Penneys  Love the shape, colour & pattern of this dress.

 Necklace - €6, Penneys

Bag- €11, Penneys ( bit of a trend going on here..)

Heart studded -belt - €2, yep you guessed it Penneys! This isn't actually a waist belt but I just popped a hole in it with my scissors so I could wear it as one

Heels - €36ish with student discount, Missguided available here

The whole look :

Photos taken by sister Bernie,

Thanks for reading :)
'Til next time,
Hannah xx


  1. I've just come across your blog and there's some really great posts! I love this dress, such a nice colour!