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Saturday, 22 February 2014

February Wants

Hello all,

So as a natural shopaholic I will never be satisfied with the contents of my wardrobe. I always have a browse through some websites whenever I have a spare few minutes...or hours. Lately I've been leaning towards the pastel pinks & creams that are available. No idea why this happening, I would look ridiculous wearing any of them since the weather around here has a tendency to switch from hurricane winds to snow in a matter of minutes. Not to mention my ghostly complexion would certainly lead to the illusion that I am wearing no clothes, but enough of that- here are my February Wants :)

Collared Dress - €38, iclothing
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I love a nice collared dress, or collared anything for that matter. Even better if they have longer sleeves as my upper arms are something I am not 100% comfortable with. Throw in a gorgeous pale pink shade and this dress is a dream come true. Better yet, it's from the Irish website Iclothing :)

 Cork Wedges - €39.99 , New Look
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These shoes just scream Summer to me. The 'cork' look heels seem to be everywhere at the moment and I am loving the look they give. The cream colour will go with just about anything too! Winner winner chicken dinner !

Floral Playsuit - €42, Missguided
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I love the colours of this playsuit, along with the lace trimming it just gives it a lovely girly look. Definitely on the shorter side though but as it is not 'skin tight' I think you can get away with it. It would look so gorgeous with the cork wedges from New Look too :)

Floral Crown - €7, E-bay
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I love floral crowns, they're not to everybody's taste but each to their own. I currently own one floral crown and it's black so a nice pink one like this one available from E-bay would be a great little addition to my wardrobe :)

Cigarette Trousers - €31. Missguided
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These pants are just perfect in my opinion. I love anything high waisted and the shape and cut of these trousers just seem so flattering to all shapes and sizes! And of course they're that gorgeous pink colour again :)

That's all for now folks,
Thanks for reading

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