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Tuesday, 22 April 2014

Kimono's & Brogues

Hello all,

So I'm addicted to this hat, I know. But it's just so handy to throw on especially when you're trying to conceal your not so freshly washed hair! I also happen to be addicted to kimonos..sorry! This one is something I would wear to a festival, but since I don't have any festivals to attend I wore it in my field while my sister took photos of me, compromise is essential to life people. Anyway, I hope you like it :) Also, because there just wasn't quite enough flowers going on I threw on a floral headband around the rim of my hat!

Kimono - Missguided, €20
Dress- Awear, €30
Necklace- H&M, €12.95
Brogues- Penneys, €9
Hat- New Look, €15
Floral Crown- New Look
Sunglasses- Stall in London

As always, thanks for reading!


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