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Sunday, 11 May 2014

Quick Catchup :)

Hi all,

Ok I have completely put my blogging to the side for the past two weeks because my goodness I have been one busy lady. Originally my blog was mainly for fashion and beauty but I'm starting to come to the idea that I might throw the odd personal post up here too. A lot of you may not be interested but if anything it can be for myself as my memory is just terrible. As in awful. So, I'm just going to talk about something pretty special that happened to me last weekend and I also get to talk about the nice dress I wore, so still keeping with the fashion theme!

Last Friday I entered the Mayo Rose 2014 Selection as the Lady of the Moy, and I came out of it as the 2014 Mayo Rose. Even typing that is really strange. I honestly did not expect it at all. I never really thought I was 'Rose' material but here we are. I went into the whole experience just for that, the experience. Little did I know I would now have a year of new experiences ahead of me. The next stage of the journey is a trip down to Portlaoise at the end of the month. This is sort of like a mini version of the festival that occurs in Tralee every August. In Portlaoise all the Roses (Irish and International) will meet, attend events, take part in a parade and all those lovely 'Rose' activities. We even get assigned a roomie! There is also a total of three selection nights where we each go up on stage with the main man himself, Daithi and on the third night the judges will select the Roses that go through to the next stage in Tralee. To say I am excited is an understatement! I cannot wait to meet everyone and just take in the experience. We also get to wear fancy fascinators, so I am really in my element right now.

As I am in the middle of juggling this new journey, a new job and studying for my exams any outfit I have worn in the past few weeks has been detrimental, and I really do not want any photographic evidence of them. The only photos I have to share are from the night I was selected so I thought 'why not' sure I'll throw them up here! I hope you like them!

I literally was the tri-colour in this dress. I always wanted to wear a green dress to my grad but I found a blue one instead, so I was happy to wear this green number last Friday. I bought this dress from a boutique in Maynooth called Divine. Definitely check out their website if you're looking for any unique occasion wear attire :)

photo courtesy of Event Capture Photography

Thanks for reading! I hope once things settle down I can get back into my routine of blogging. I also want to say a quick thank you for all the messages/calls/texts I have recieved in the past week. They put a big smile on this freckly face :)

'Til next time,