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Tuesday, 17 September 2013

Top 3 Online Shopping Destinations

Hello all,

So online shopping is becoming a big problem for me aided by the fact that this year I was granted with my very own VISA bank card. Now with so many clothes on offer with just a click of a button away and considering I have very little will power I have grown into a very experienced( and now poor) online shopper! Here are my top websites along with any tips regarding the beautiful land that is online shopping. So let's begin!

1) Missguided. If you click this & love all you see but your wallet feels the brunt of it I'm sorry

You probably all already know of it because hands down it's one of the best websites out there. Any students reading this make sure you register with UNIDAYS here's the link . On a side note, for a long time i thought UNIDAYS was just for British students but nope all you fellow Irish students get a 10% discount for Missguided. They also give loads of discounts for other websites too, all you have to do is register & login with your college number & password, simple.
        Missguided have a huge range of clothes for all tastes and anything I've ever ordered from there has been extremely good quality. Make sure to check out their 'Sweet Deals' section for some absolute bargains. Their shipping rates are cheap & really fast too. The only thing I'll say about it  is if you see something you like order it as soon as possible because they sell out of items pretty darn fast.

2) E-bay Click me

Do you have a bag/ jacket/ pair of shoes that you have always imagined of owning but you never see it in the shops? If you answered yes then E-bay is your new best friend. It always has what you're looking for and is well worth a gawk when the highstreet fails you. If you have a smart phone make sure to download the E-bay app as it gives you the option to 'watch' an item that tickles your fancy. This is super handy because when the auction is coming to end you get a notification on your phone reminding you to get your skates on . The only negative I can say about E-bay is that it is very addictive, consider this your warning.

3) Etsy Click me too

Etsy is a haven for unique items ranging from furniture to books to clothes.What I personally love it for though is it's jewellery. I am a self confessed magpie & I love buying jewellery. Head on over and do a search along the lines of 'statement necklace' and behold the hundreds of beautiful necklaces before you. Shipping takes a bit longer than other websites but it's definitely worth it. Oh and did I mention you can get necklaces for as cheap as €3.

Now of course there are loads more out there but I find I spend the most time on the 3 above, however since I am an online shopaholic I thought I'd give you a few more websites that are definitely worth a look
(just click on the name and you will be directed to their these days )

That's all I can think of at the moment but it's a good variety of websites that you might not of heard of before or thought of shopping on. Also all of them have various prices & products so as to suit everyone. As always I hope this post helped somebody somewhere and I do apologise in advance if any of these websites resort to you becoming considerably poorer. Happy shopping!

'Til next time,

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